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FIDS has been in business since 1990, providing patients with a high quality made in America dental restorations. From removable Dentures, Partials, Night Guards. to state of the art all Ceramic crowns and bridges. we also restore all kind of Implants. Same day service is available for Dentures, Partials, Repairs and Relines.


Product Catalogue.

Complete Dentures


These denture are heat cured Japanese Acrylic and  German teeth.

Zirconia all ceramic crowns.


Zirconia crowns are called the "White Steel" because they last a long time replacing the old metal covered ceramic style crowns.. They come in all shade and colors to much your natural teeth.

Ceramic Restorations


"Zirconia" all ceramic restorations

"Zirconia" crowns and bridges have been the preferred choice after gold to restore danged teeth. It is the same material used to restore hips and knees.

Implant restorations.

Implants are very popular choice for those who can afford them. We proudly restore these implants from different manufacturers using original parts that is specifically made to fit what is in your mouth. 

Outsource Warning.

It is the law and our duty to advise that almost 40% of the restorations in the US is shipped and made by China, India, Mexico and Costa Rica. It is your right as a patient in Florida and other states to ask where your restoration was made. These companies have Office on the West cost, mid west and the east, that collect theses restorations from dentists and ship it overnight to foreign countries for pennies on the dollars. 

whatsinyourmouth.us is the place to go and read about it.

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Denture Clone (patented product)


Denture Clone comes in 5 different sizes to fit most patients.


A comparison chart between Standard Denture visit to the dentist and DentureClone usage speed.


Visual step by step on how to .


Some of the crucial measurements to get to a perfect denture fit using"DentureClone" patented process.  


Perfect final results after using 

"DenturClone" method.


Denture Clone is a "patented" product that saves dentist and patients several visits to the office from 4 or five visits to  1 or 2 only .

Other services

Denture Repair

Most dentures can be repaired several times if the issue is not the fit or the age of the denture. Prices varies from one repair to another.

Denture Reline

It comes in 2 different kinds:

Hard permanent or soft.

Teeth Whitening

Our whitening gel is produced for us by a lab in Fl that is the strongest in the market by law and all done in 20 minutes under a special light.

Cast Partials

Cast partials have been used by patients for a long time and they are proven to function well and last. They are made from a Chrome Cobalt base and covered by a pink and colored acrylic teeth to match patient's color. 

Flexible Partials

A very popular choice for people who  do not like to have metal structure in their mouths. It is made out of a Thermoplastic material that is unbreakable and flexible at the same time. The one thing against it is, it can not be relined or add teeth to it in case there was an extraction.

Full Dentures

Dentures are well known dental appliance that has been in the market for quite some time. The market is flooded with cheap and ill fitted ones. We are proud to offer the best quality materials and fit combined with a 30 years of experience.

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